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Blackberry's Nutmeg

Nutmeg is a 4th gen. (61.09/38.91%) Mini Nubian doeling with amazing conformation

Tested G6S normal



Daystar's Fancy Bluebell 3*P

"Baloo" is a 3rd gen. (56.05/43.95%) blue eyed Mini Nubian doe.
She is out of our doe
Daystar's Days of Grace 2*P.

G6S normal by parentage


 Daystar's Days of Grace 2*P

"Dee-Dee" is our beautiful 3rd gen. Mini Nubian (58.59/41.41%) doe.
She has lovely dairy character and body capacity and to top that off
she inherited her dam and sire's great personality!

Sold - Thank you Dannette!


Daystar's Easter Blossom 2*P

"Essy" is a 6th gen. (52.78/47.22%) Mini Nubian doe.
She has amazing body capacity and is a dream on the milking stand!

Sold - Thank you Dannette!


Daystar's Phoebe

Phoebe is our 5th gen. Mini Nubian (53.90/46.09%) doe.

See Phoebe's daughters; Daystar's Days of Grace 2*P
& Daystar's Easter Blossom 2*P

Tested G6S normal!

Green Gables Crème Della Créme 4*P

Della is our 5th gen. (55.43/44.57%) Mini Nubian doe from Green Gables.

Tested G6S normal!


Daystar's Lady Miriam *P

Miriam is our 2nd gen. (62.5/37.5%) Mini Nubian doe.
She was a very easy milker earning her milk star at age 8 yrs.

Sadly, we lost Miriam late in 2018.
She will be missed as she has always been a favorite here on our farm.

Daystar's Lady Suzanna

"Suzie" is a 3rd gen. Mini Nubian (57.03/42.97%) doe.

Sadly, Suzy passed away late Summer 2019.
She will truly be missed for her sweet personality.


Echo Hills Lady Firefly

We are so proud of Firefly, our senior Miniature Nubian (50/50%) doe,
she won Grand Champion Sr. Mini Nubian Doe in the MDGA 2010 Fall V-show.
She also won 1st place in both MDGA's Fall 2009 & Spring 2010 V-show!!!

Firefly is a beautiful 4th gen. Mini Nubian doe we purchased from Dannette Hackman, Echo Hill's Farm.
She has been an asset to our breeding program, by adding milk and show lines to our herd.
She is also the dam of our doe Daystar's Phoebe *P.

Thank you Dannette!!

Sadly we lost Firefly in the summer of 2012
We miss you Firefly!!


Daystar's Valentine

Valentine is our 1st gen. (75/25%) Mini Nubian doe from Frosty Marvin lines.
She was a very strong milker, going over two years between freshening and giving a good amount of milk through it.
And it was only her first freshening.
She had 5 living kids in 2011, 4 of which were doelings and very nice!!!
She is also the dam of our champion doe VMCH Daystar's Lady Miriam *P.

Sadly, we lost Valentine in the fall of 2013.
She is gone, but not forgotten.



Daystar's Easter Bonnet 2*P

"Bonny" is a 6th gen. (52.78/47.22%) Mini Nubian doe.

Tested G6S normal






Daystar's Queen Ann's Lace 4*P

"Lacey" is a 4th (54.77/45.23%) gen Mini Nubian doe.
She is a daughter of Mini Nubian doe,
Daystar's Fancy Bluebell 3*P

G6S normal by parentage



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