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Daystar's Princess Coriander

"Annie" is a 2nd gen Mini Nubian doeling

Sire: Grace Abounds BTB Mello Cello
Blackberry's CML Saffron *P

G6S normal by parentage



Daystar's Lady Moriah

"Bugs" is our moonspotted 4th gen Mini Nubian doeling, born 03/11/23

Sire: Grace Abounds BBS Justified Freely
Grace Abounds Liberty at Calvary 2*P

G6S normal by parentage

Daystar's Milcah-Way

"Milky" is a moonspotted, blue eyed 5th gen doeling, born 04/06/23

Sire: Shiloh Acres Sir Shadrach *B
Daystar's Princess Blue Marganit

G6S normal by parentage



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